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  • Baraja al Koran
Baraja al Koran

Al Koran deck

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The most ingenious special deck ever conceived.


With it, the cartomagic miracle most dreamed by magicians can be realized. The divination of VARIOUS LETTERS WITHOUT TOUCHING THE BOARD during the WHOLE ROUTINE (it is only in public power!).


The choice of the cards is absolutely FREE, and the public does it !! The magician may even have his eyes blindfolded to the end (or be on his back).

We offer you the best routine to make the best presentation with this sensational deck. Guess the cards chosen freely by touching the deck ONLY AT THE END of the effect.

The magician takes out a deck of poker, mixes it and puts an elastic band around it, then hands it to a spectator and asks him to look at only one letter, once this is done, he asks him to give it to another spectator or he throws the shuffle, and look at this one letter, repeating this action with up to six spectators.

The last spectator, that is, the sixth, will return the deck to the wizard.

Without looking at the deck the magician will ask the six spectators who looked at a letter to stand up.

The magician will try to guess the six cards, so he will concentrate and he will name one to one six cards, and at the end of naming them, I repeat at the end, if any of these coincide with that of the spectators, they should sit down.


And although it seems incredible, once these six letters are named, they all sit down!

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