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What is General magic?

In general magic we find the magic tricks to perform on stage that are varied and that work with the majority of the public regardless of their age.

You will also find magic tricks and gags in which the effects itself involves, either in its presentation or execution, a humorous element, in what we call comic magic or Comedy Magic

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StratosPhere Pro StratosPhere Pro

StratosPhere Pro

StratosPhere Pro with colorful ball

Perfect for audiences of all ages, especially children

Price €175
  • New
Flite Key Flite Key

Flite Key

The ingenious ring flight gimmick reinvented to astonish and captivate your audience

Price €49
  • New
Cash Cube Cash Cube

Cash Cube

From Bill to Rubik or Cash Cube by Tora Magic

A very visual and impactful effect.

Price €15
  • New
Toon Balloon Toon Balloon

Toon Balloon

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley.

Bring a balloon to life.

It can interact with you and then be given away.

Price €79
  • New
Deluxe Rakin Deluxe Rakin

Deluxe Rokit

The eagerly awaited Racoon has arrived!

Deluxe Rokit by Raúl Quintana + Video Online

Price €89
  • New
Rose Silk Holder Rose Silk Holder

Rose Silk Holder

Magically transform a rose into a silk handkerchief!

Securely holds the silk rose.

Price €12
  • New
Instant Magician Dress Instant Magician Dress

Instant Magician Dress

"Instant Magician" is a classic magic act in which the performer "dresses up" a spectator as a magician and inserts their hands into the sleeves.

This way, the magician performs the magic, creating the illusion that it is the spectator who is performing it.

In the video, you can see Kevin James demonstrating several examples of its usage.

Price €70

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