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Only Option + Video Online
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Only Option + Video Online

Only Option + Video Online

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Do you know the Invisible Deck?

Then you will also know the little problems that you run into.

It cannot be taught, the public cannot touch it, you have to remember how it works, and possibly think a bit before you can show the card.

The effect is still popular because it is amazing for the public and that is the most important thing.

If I told you that you can make an effect:

Just as awesome

Little seen

The spectator can see and touch the deck.

And you won't have to think about anything

Although a similar principle is used, the Only Option card trick provides you with a practically automatic miracle

It's easy for you to focus on the audience, not on addition and subtraction

Super clean, since the spectator can shuffle the cards

Reset and repeat with another card instantly

Much more visual


You have a red back card on the table or in your pocket.

You comment that compared to what the public believes when a spectator chooses a card they do not have many options, there is really only one ONLY OPTION

And then you will prove it

You take out a blue back deck and in the middle you include a single red back card (the face is not seen at any time)

The spectator can shuffle to "lose" the position of the red back card.

Now you ask him to go through cards and think of one.

Once he has chosen and his card is in his mind, you ask him if he wants to change it for another.

With the card he wants in his mind, he names it and looks for it among all of them by pushing the selected one up and showing them all in a fan.

Then you say: You thought you had 52 options to choose a card, but I put one knowing that you had a ONLY OPTION.

At that moment the fan of cards is shown from behind, showing that the card he was thinking of is the only one with a red back.

The Bicycle deck and instructional video with all the presentation details is provided.

Buy it now and start doing this miracle before the others.

Only Option + Video Online

Specific References

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