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This is the Close-up Magic that you will find in our magic shop. Decks, Cardistry coins and much more in La Varita Magica

What is close-up magic?

Magicians call all those magic tricks that are performed close to the spectator.

How do you learn magic up close?

All magic tricks are learned through books, videos, or courses. Also with ready-made tricks whose instructions teach you how to do it.

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The best magic tricks up close are La Varita Mágica, where you will find magic tricks with cards, tricks with coins, and the latest world news in this type of magic.

What are the best close-up magic tricks?

Most beginning magicians prefer card magic tricks like the Svengali Deck or Stripper Deck but once you get further, there are magicians who go for coin tricks. In Spain, card magic is the most practiced specialty.

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