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Baraja Maverick USPCC
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La mejor baraja para practicar, romper y firmar


505 Marked Deck Fournier
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Benefits Fournier Marked Deck

  • Marks imperceptible to the viewer
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Bee deck red
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Perfect for Poker and other games, Bee brand playing cards are premium quality.

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In this section you have decks of all kinds to be able to perform your magic. From Bicycle rider back to Tally-Ho, through others like Aviator or Phoenix.

What is the preferred deck of magicians?

Although each magician has the preference of him, the Bicycle Rider Back Deck is by far the one used by the most magicians in the world.

What is the quality of the cards used in magic?

The quality used in the decks used by magicians is very high, most commercial brands of playing cards such as Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho, or Aviator are manufactured in the USA by the USPCC (United State Playing Card Company ).

USPCC acquired the Fournier playing card factory a few years ago.

Today the Belgian company Cartamundi is the owner of many card factories in the world including USPCC or Fournier among others such as the Brazilian Copag.

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