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Rose Silk Holder Rose Silk Holder

Rose Silk Holder

Magically transform a rose into a silk handkerchief!

Securely holds the silk rose.

Price €12
  • New
Houdini´s Coin Houdini´s Coin

Houdini´s Coin

Houdini's Escape Coin by Jarri Marquerie.

A large coin passes through a much smaller hole.

Price €15
Production Drum Production Drum

Production Drum

"Production Drum" is a magic routine that will leave everyone baffled.

It's very easy to perform, yet it always manages to impress.

Price €15
  • Out of stock
Shrinking Cards Shrinking Cards

Shrinking Cards

Shrinking Cards for magic tricks with cards

When the Ace of Spades transforms into a giant card, the others shrink in size.

This trick is quick, easy, and straightforward, perfect for breaking the ice and leaving everyone amazed.

Price €12

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