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TNT by Roddy McGhie
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A torn and restored card will never be the same

Omega Trick - Mirage Reverse
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Omega by Max Major y Theory 11 You can even predict what they’re going to do, before they do it.

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With this material you can make many effects in which the cards are involved

If you like card magic, here are some of the best card magic tricks, many of them easy to do.

What are card tricks?

Magicians call card tricks to all those magic games that are performed with them.

Actually the word magicians use to refer to card tricks is "Card Magic"

Normal or trick deck, which is better?

For those just starting out, a deck that contains something special or is somehow prepared can make it easier for you to perform magic tricks.

On the other hand, there are tricks that could not be performed if the deck did not have that special "something".

Anyway, a magician must have enough knowledge to perform powerful magic tricks with any normal deck.

Neither is better than the other, veteran magicians use all the resources available to them to perform their best tricks

Tricks with cards