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Cardistry and Premium

Cardistry is called the flourishes with cards.

What is Cardistry?

It is actually a visual representation of dexterity made with playing cards, in which the skill or manual dexterity of a cardistry practitioner is shown.

The objective is mainly visual.

Best Cards for Cardistry

In La Varita Mágica Magic Shop you will find the best decks for cardistry.

There are several specifications that are sought in a deck designed for Cardistry and although they are perfectly valid for doing magic, these are some characteristics:

Eye-catching visual design for fans and handles

Shredded cardboard (Crushed Stock) in its composition which allows better handling from the beginning.

Several brands have manufactured their decks with Cardistry in mind, such as Bocopo, Dérive, or Virtuoso among others.

What is a Premium Deck?

Premium Decks are those with a careful special design, high-quality playing cards and most of the time with very limited manufacturing units.

In addition to normal use, it is a collector's item for many magicians and cardistry practitioners

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