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Buy Magic in the Magic Wand (La Varita Mágica)

Magic products of all kinds to make the best tricks, that's what The Magic wand has in its establishment open to the public in San Vicente Mártir Street 166 of Valencia.

From effects for children and fans to high quality products for advanced magicians, books, DVDs, etc., run by professional magicians whose advice is essential for you to become a great magician

Reasons to choose The Magic Wand (La Varita Mágica) as a magic shop

We offer you the best products, many of them exclusively and that covers everything the magician needs with a careful attention to the public and quality.

Our online shopping system is one of the most advanced as magic store, which allows you to make purchases in a convenient and safe way in a few steps.

Present in the best magic congresses

You can also find us in the best national and international magic congresses

International meeting of Almussafes

Magialdia in Vitoria

Blackpool in England

Magic Club in Valencia

The Magic Wand (La Varita Mágica) has its own magic club where the best magicians of Valencia meet and courses and conferences are given.

Magic Shop  Magic Wand (La Varita Mágica)

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