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The magician asks the spectator to think in an hour. The 1, 2, 3 (where you want)

He is then asked to pick from a deck as many cards as the time you have thought (eg 5 cards if thought 5) without the magician to see, and saves them in a pocket.

12 cards are then separated and sort of watch them is formed.

The spectator names when he thought and he turns to the letter indicating its time.

Imagine that the letter you flip is 4 Diamonds. Then the magician shows a prediction that has always been on the table and asks the viewer to read it aloud.

In the prediction puts: Letter of the appointed time IS NOT THE JOKER

Normal, will tell the viewer, so anyone makes a prediction. Then the magician says, do not believe, that if you had told another hour had bugged me that (you flip to another letter) and if the JOKER.

It is more any time you would have said would have been the joker

(Turning them all).

In addition the entire deck are the JOKER (teaching it)

Even the cards that you saved .The viewer also teaches them and can not believe that the only different is the letter that marked his time

Instructions in Spanish

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