• Impossible Blank by Shoot Ogawa
Impossible Blank by Shoot Ogawa

Impossible Blank by Shoot Ogawa

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Shoot Ogawa brings one of its most devastating effects, which has managed to fool hundreds of magicians.

It displays an all white deck down his face, and leave aside.

Now take another deck, in the normal case, and spread it upside down so that a spectator freely pick any card, and ask her to look and leave aside.

After selecting the menu, returns to the white deck and say that with a little imagination you will try to do the impossible.

Take four white cards from the deck and put them on the table.

Now he asks if the chosen card is red or black, and as you answer the spectator removes two white saying that if for example the red viewer tells you, these two are black.

Question now stick to the letter, and when you name it, take another white cards on the table and delete it by saying that obviously this is not.

Finally he asks to name the letter, and quite incredibly letter left on the table and everyone believes that is white, is printed and it is exactly the same as freely chose the viewer.

An impressive effect you can learn from the hands of one of the best magicians in the world.

DVD in English with all the explanations, and the two decks necessary to perform the effect is supplied.

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