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Volcan deck

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Here's one of the most awesome effects you can get.



With just a deck of cards, some flash paper and a borrowed and signed coin, you can create a fantastic illusion.


Ask a viewer to choose a card freely, and once seen, re-enter it in the deck.

Now ask him to take out a coin from his pocket, to sign it to prove it is his, and wrap it in a small piece of paper.

By magic, your coin will find your card.


But unfortunately when you pull the card from the top of the deck, it does not turn out to be your card, so the process will have to do it backwards, that is, if the card does not go up, it will be the coin that has to go down.


As you say this you only have to bring a match or a burner to the paper, so that it burns by creating a crater in the deck.


Mysteriously not all the cards have been affected by fire, so when you remove the hole letters and find the signed coin, it is precisely on the card chosen earlier by the viewer.


You can immediately submit everything for your exam.


A super easy to do, almost automatic effect that will not leave anyone indifferent.


A Bicycle deck is supplied so you can perform the effect countless times, an instructional DVD in Spanish and a sheet of flash paper so you can start making the effect from the first moment.


If you are looking for authentic magic that works, this is your effect.

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