Hopping Cards- Cartas Saltarinas

Hopping Cards

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La Varita te presenta un juego perfecto para tus veladas mágicas.

Thinking About You
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The Magic Wand presents you with a perfect game for your magical evenings.


The magician removes the four aces from a deck, asks a spectator to enter them one by one in different places of this one, and places it in a glass. The cup is covered for a moment with a handkerchief and when it is uncovered, one of the aces has "floated" until the first letter of all is shown. The Ace retreats to another place in the deck and repeats the same pass appearing another Ace in front, and so up to 3 times more, with all Aces.

In addition, to complicate it more, before the last ace appears, you can wrap the deck with two gums, one vertical and one horizontal, and simply covering for an instant with the handkerchief, the last Ace also appears.

The public does not explain it, only a short moment covers the glass with a handkerchief and the aces are appearing one by one in front of the deck.


-A glass.

-A bicycle deck ready to play the game

-Instrucciones en castellano ilustradas.


You can use your own handkerchief.


Become one of the best selling games in the magic congress in Vitoria

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