the blind deck

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The Blind Deck

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Thinking About You
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Get ready to see something extraordinary and very soon it will become one of the star effects.

A striking effect, with a surprise ending and a really simple execution.

Watch for The Blind Deck.

A letter named by a spectator freely, will be found by the magician simply extending a back deck on the table.

Turning the letter actually verify that matches the chosen, but this is not the best.

It is impossible that the magician sacase another, and that the spectator chose a different, and that turning the deck is shown that each and every one of the cards is blank.

A bombshell that will leave all perplexed without knowing how the hell could you do.

In addition, because of the secrecy, the effect supports hundreds of different forms and can create real wonders of mentalism, comedy magic, card magic etc.

It had long since we've seen anything like it. Get ready for the magic that comes with The Blind Deck.
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