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  • In Your Face by Raúl Perales (card to mask)
  • In Your Face by Raúl Perales (card to mask)
  • In Your Face by Raúl Perales (card to mask)
In Your Face by Raúl Perales (card to mask)

In Your Face by Raúl Perales (card to mask)

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Here you have a magic effect that will surprise who you do it, either live or through social networks.

The surprise you cause is huge and the viewer will be shocked.

An effect that you can carry with you, to do at any time and it is also visually impossible.

You have probably seen something similar on the internet, but Raúl Perales' manufacture is unbeatable, with all the difficulties solved, making it practical and easy.

You can use it as a gag, as a failed prediction, or just plain visual.

The effect is what you see in the video. A letter transforms into a mask.


Hands-free. You have nothing to hold except the card, just with two fingers, you can change hands without worrying about being aware of anything else.

Fits in a tuck box. The card can be drawn as a prediction, from inside a case

Easy handling. The handling is simple, you just "drop" and the gimmick does it all. You just have to worry about the presentation you want to give.

After the transformation you can put the mask on

The mask is ready to put on once produced, although it is a magic trick and its continued use is not recommended, it can be put on demonstratively.


You choose a card and you get the prediction. It may or may not coincide with your card (that's up to you) and then you transform the card into a mask.

Like gag.

You say you forgot your mask, but you take out a card and transform it.

As a failed prediction.

You can choose a card (without the spectator seeing it) you take out the prediction and ask if it matches theirs.

When he says that in his letter there is a mask drawn, you tell him that it is also a prediction transforming the letter into the mask.

Choice between 3 objects

The spectator can choose between 3 objects, such as a coin, a card and a mask. After "choosing" the mask, your prediction is a card but it becomes the spectator's choice

For social networks

It is ideal to show that effect on social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok, because it is supervisual and unexpected.

Hurry up and get yours

It includes:

Mask made with the change and ready to use

Bicycle card that you can put in your deck with a mask prediction

Video tutorial of handling and ideas.

2 Items

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