Moneda o anillo en Bombilla

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Anillo o Moneda en Bombilla by Top Secret

19,99 €



La Varita te ofrece un efecto que te dará una buena reputación

Thinking About You
  • International delivery from 15 euros
  • Instrucctions of tricks on Streamer online

Practically impromptu form you can borrow a ring or coin and insert it inside a light bulb.

The public will not believe what you are seeing. Your own signed ring or coin, WITHIN A BULB

All this happens visually, the public sees clearly how the object enters the light bulb.

After demonstrating that it is inside, with a simple shake, the object goes back out into the hands of the viewer.

Very simple to do and super visual.

This game will give you a great reputation as a magician.

Important data

The bulb can be placed in a bulb socket so that it turns on and off because it is completely normal.

THE BULB CAN BE RENDERED (provided it is a model similar to or equal to that supplied with the game)

The bulb and of course the borrowed object can be examined before and after the effect

It is supplied:

Bulb like the one that appears in the demo video

Gimmick special

Box of the bulb for transport (normal box of bulb to realize the game taking it as if you finished it to buy)

 DVD EXPLICATIVE in Spanish with demo and detailed instructions of the effect



In this other video you can see Inés playing the game from 1:50

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