Lecture notes by Alexander de Cova

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Lecture notes by Alexander de Cova

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Notes probably most complete and original conference recently.

It is rare that foreign lecturers, as in the case of Alexander de Cova, bring some lecture notes translated into our language.

In this case, not only the notes are translated wonderfully by the beloved Rafael Benatar, but also have a beautiful format, as if it were a newspaper, full color, well explained, with great routines and details and very practical.

The effects are detailed are wonderful, and you can apply them to your show absolutely everyone and are explained so well that you will have no difficulty in learning.

The effects included in these notes are:

QR-CODE: A stunning effect with any mobile phone.

TRANSMISSION: A very special routine with a universal tool.

JUMPING KNOT: A fantastic routine with ropes.

F.P LOAD IN TABLE: Learn a ingenious method to load this universal accessory.

TRANSPOSITION OF A BLANK CHEQUE: A two-shaft of a borrowed bill and signed an impossible place.

Stab in the dark: A scarf will travel through the holes of a solid iron.

SUELÑO miser SUPER SIMPLE: Simplicity for this familiar routine.

LOADS TECHNIQUES FOR GOBLETS: new and different ideas for your routines goblets.

LETTERS THROUGH THE NEWSPAPER: a Matrix with letters inpromptu is great in all respects.

APPLE: a ticket on the inside of the fruit.

THROUGH THE SPOTLIGHT A borrowed ring appears inside a closed portfolio.

PACKAGING: The Journey of a bill signed into a zippo lighter, which in turn is within a snuff package, wrapped with rubber bands and inside a wooden box.

PICKUP REVERSED: A new way to get rid of a ticket with F.P

GAELIC CHANGE: A great exchange of one currency for another.

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