• Exit by Arsene Lupin

Exit by Arsene Lupin

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Show a sign with one hand pointing to the side. On the other side there is another hand pointing to the same place.

Explain that this signal is very important, because it shows the emergency exit.

Suddenly when the signal is turned the hand now points to the opposite place.

Laughing explains that that is that half of the public has to go to the right and the other to the left. Although now when the signal is turned the hand points upwards.

Tell someone in the audience that he is the one chosen to climb the roof.

This will make all the people laugh, and more when the signal now points downwards.

He comments that in fact the arrow always points to the same place, that they are the ones that do not see well and opens the sign in half showing the classic tablet of the oculists.

Perfect for any type of audience.

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