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One of the best gag effects made with Spanish deck for stage


Order it before 19:00 of tomorrow and receive it between 11/03/2021 and 19/03/2021 with International

The magician says that he will guess the spectator's card and that he has a prediction for it From a Spanish deck a card is chosen by a spectator.

The magician says that his prediction will match the chosen card.

The spectator shows the card to the public and everyone can see, except the magician, who is the Jack of Golds.

Then the magician shows his prediction and everyone protests that it does not match the chosen card.

The Magician tries to justify himself because he has only been mistaken for one, since it is the Horse of Golds.

Then in an attempt to fix the stropic, the magician says that it is the Jack of Golds that has climbed the horse.

The public continues to protest until the magician draws a blank card and "goes down" to the Jack of the Horse to occupy his real card demonstrating that the magician was telling the truth.

A great gag effect manufactured by Jarri Marquerie with high quality in Jumbo size for scene and parlour


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