• De pañuelo a pajarita by Belén Garrido
    De pañuelo a pajarita by Belén Garrido

    Silk to origami bird by Belén Garrido


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    With this handkerchief you can create figures of origami without even touching anything

    Simply show a handkerchief and hold it in your hand to show that it has no wire or anything solid.

      Now, throw it in the air, and simply giving it a couple of rings with the palm of your hand will get you to form a lovely origami bird.  

    That simple, you do not need preparation, nor technique, nor even essay, simply throw the handkerchief in the air and he will take care of the rest.  

    A very nice effect that you will always carry on and will surprise everyone, since if it is already complicated to make a figure of origami, imagine getting it by throwing a handkerchief in the air.

    "Something original, that gives freshness to your magic and allows you to stand out over others"

    - Dario Hueta

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