Mental Ball Tablet by Arsene Lupin

Mental Ball Tablet by Arsene Lupin

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Thinking About You
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One of the effects of more powerful magic, and easily versionable.

Starts showing six balls of colors, letters and marked by six giant face with the same colors. The cards are mixed, and the viewer is free to choose one of them upside down at the moment leave aside.

Then shows a nice wooden tray having a metal bracket in the center that will be covered with a glass face down so that nothing can get inside.
Then placed around the glass balls, and cover it all with a handkerchief.

Ask at this time that the viewer name aloud the color that is in the letter that freely chose above, and although it seems impossible, to remove the scarf will see that in the metal support, and still covered with the cup is the ball named color.
One effect of teleportation impossible and incredible.
Of course you get everything you need to make the effect: the special tray, the cup to cover the support, the colored balls and jumbo cards blank for you to customize to your liking.
A real gem of magic very difficult to get, finally within reach.

Although the magical effect itself is described above, the known Gaetan Bloom makes a comic fun and original version, with which many of us have enjoyed for years.

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