Card Detector by Arsene Lupin

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Card Detector by Arsene Lupin

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The quality of Arsene Lupin articles is known for all magicians.

Now we present this little small blackboard with which you do incredible effects.

It shows a small small blackboard on both faces, where it will be checked that has absolutely nothing written.

Now a poker deck asks a spectator to pick a card, return it to the deck and mix well.

The cards on the table spread chaotically, leaving a quite confusing jumble, and being virtually impossible to find the letter.

But precisely for that you have the small blackboard, which is nothing but a detector card.

Pass the small blackboard above the cards, and when you turn around magically appear written in chalk stick the chosen card.

Now, to know the value, turn the board and the side that does not have anything written you will pass over the cards again, and rotate the value of the chosen card appear.

The board is automatically delivered to viewers to check it is all written in chalk, erasable, and small blackboard that has absolutely nothing strange.

One effect of the highest quality and can perform hundreds of times each time with a different result.

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