• Mensaje recompuesto by Arsene Lupin
Mensaje recompuesto by Arsene Lupin

Broken and restores message by Arsene Lupin

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Arsene Lupin is characterized by its high manufacturing quality and originality.

Here is a classic effect of broken and recomposed but very special.

In effect you're going to show pieces of paper with letters written on each of them.

Gradually, the teaching go all to do quite a lot with them.

Finally, a little magic and opening all the papers will have been recomposed in a completely intact sheet, where all the letters have formed a fully customizable message.

This idea is great for use for example as Blendo, where you can put a farewell message, or as a presentation form your stage name.

Think of the possibilities, since you can reveal chosen cards, names, colors, etc.

An original and magical effect, made in a special role unbreakable allow the effect will last a lifetime.

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