• La historia de Colón by Arsene Lupin
  • La historia de Colón by Arsene Lupin
La historia de Colón by Arsene Lupin

Columbus History by Arsene Lupin

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Warning: This is an authomatic translation, maybe is not very good but is understandable.

An effect full of laughter with a strong finish magic hit.
Shows an easel which has a map-mundi attached.

Tells the story of the discovery of America, where Christopher Columbus undertook a journey to get to the pig, but mistakenly arrived at a very different place than thought.
To show how was the trip, showing a ship rudder which has a round board in each of their faces. Draw an arrow on one side, and on the other side also another arrow.
Begin turning the wheel, and the arrow showing that, however much you turn, always points in the same direction.
This is exactly what happened to Christopher Columbus, who started the trip very well but soon began to twist the thing ......
Suddenly takes a turn at the helm and shows that the arrow now points to a completely different from the previous location, and notes that as much as the arrow in the right direction, to turn it mysteriously pointing elsewhere.
This moment is fun because no one will understand how this could happen. When you tire of turning the wheel, grab a tissue and clean the board to place it on the stand that has the map-mundi, and explains that after all these technical problems Christopher Columbus arrived in the Indian as he thought, but came to America.
What nobody knows, and everyone is mistakenly believed that Christopher Columbus stepped ashore as he knew when he was in America, no doubt.
This is the most magical moment, because taking the helm will turn around and logo of the famous Coca-Cola trademark, american icon appears, as you say it is impossible that he did not know where he was when nothing more set foot on dry land and they were putting advertising.
A fun, magical and with unsurpassed quality effect.
Needless to say that if you work for any commercial brand, you can leave them impressed simply by customizing the company logo.
Everything you need to make the effect is supplied.

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