• SEXpeare by Arsene Lupin
SEXpeare by Arsene Lupin

SEXpeare by Arsene Lupin

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Here you have a fun game, which you can introduce into your shows for adult audiences.

This is a series of drawings on cardboard A-3, which will pose a small challenge to the public, where you will have to guess what it is.

These images are fun and give a comic turn to what the viewers can say. But the good part comes when you comment that you are going to try to see the level of the public, putting images that represent works of Shakespeare.

One after another you will go through images with a double play of words, which will make people laugh.

The public will try to guess the titles of the plays of Shakespeare but the first thing that will come to mind is something erotic.

This type of effects is perfect to introduce them in your show for adult audiences, since it breaks the rhythm of the performance a bit by introducing an effect that is not magic, but rather of humor.

Manufactured by Arsene Lupine in laminated cardboard of high quality size A-3

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