baraja mirage jumbo bicycle

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Baraja Mirage Jumbo Bicycle

34,99 €


Mirage Deck Jumbo Deck

Thinking About You
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With this deck you can perform the most amazing miracles.

This deck is the usual size Jumbo Bicycle, but also hides a wonderful secret.

The possibilities are almost endless, but here are some ideas.

Any viewer freely points to a card, which is removed from the deck for the whole world to see, and is lost again.

Simply with a few magic passes you can make the card disappear from the deck to reappear inside the case.

Ask a spectator to cut the deck and look at the card he cut. Once the card is returned to the deck, simply with a magic pass, have the card travel to the top. Again place it in the middle of the deck, and with another small magic pass the card will rise again. As a colophon, make the letter disappear mysteriously and reappear anywhere you wish.

This special deck is a replica of the Mirage deck but in giant size for use on stage.

Its manufacture and finish are excellent and make it a wonderful element for your shows.

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