A fuego lento vol.2 by Joaquin Matas

A fuego lento vol.2 by Joaquin Matas

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A fuego lento

Thinking About You
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Joaquín Matas reveals his mysteries professionals in more than 350 pages with your professional repertoire and lounge scene, promotional magic and cocktail.

In addition, as a main course, theoretical articles and themed promotional magic session structure (an impressive article and called to establish itself as a reference in the subject), children's magic ...
I explained attending to all the details and profusely illustrated.

Preface 11
Introduction 15
Part 1: The start of the formal session
The start of the formal session 23
The ta-wide rope 25
Part 2: Travelling Magic
The traveling magic 71
The "nonile" (cheat unwary) 93
Mcmoscas 111
The three cards 131
Coins from hand to hand 145
A continuation for 163 coins
The tematizada or promotional magic 167
Emergence "flash" 181
Wild coffee 193
Part 3: Living and scene
Lounge and scene 211
The ticket (ticket tape and 20 to 500 €) 215
The five red cards 245
About 261 children's performances and family
The belt of torture 269
283 ticket to lima
299 Kaps salt
The structure of a session of magic 323

If I think of a wizard with vital energy, contagious joy, transmission capacity and extraordinary communication, inner truth, and with deep expertise and judgment of what truly is the art of magic, always comes a name: Joaquin Matas .

Juan Tamariz

Joaquin is not only one of the greatest performers of our art, but an artist of solid as few magical criterion: his great experience (working tirelessly), his influences (the best has good taste the guy!), And his talent overflowing they have led to a mature author, of those who can be trusted. Joaquin, ultimately great writer, does not publish "ideas" and "new", but their personal versions, those that not only have passed the test of the public but who have succeeded at it with flying colors. Simmered in Volume 2 sets its goal to send us all their knowledge in the professional area (that he knows better than anyone else) in their games parlor magic and stage, and theoretical articles that are worth their weight in gold.


Great Work


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