• Flick card Jumbo
    Flick card Jumbo

    Flick card Jumbo


    Precio Select Magician 12,74€

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    Show a plastic frame inside of which a jumbo playing card is clearly visible: a Queen of Hearts. Let it slide out of the frame and it will INSTANTLY and VISIBLY transform into another jumbo card of different value and suite: an Ace of Spades.

    • Very easy to do, instant set-up.
    • The jumbo card is cm 17 x 11 (in. 7 x 4,5).
    • The frame is cm 22 x 1 x 12 (in. 9 x 0,5 x 5).
    • Take a look at our video, where we perform an alternative and nice routine which you'll also find described in the enclosed instructions.

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