Hopping Halves C expanded roy kueppers
  • Hopping Halves C. expandida
Hopping Halves C. expandida

Hopping Halves C. expanded Roy Kueppers


Precio Select Magician 67,99€

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Show both sides of an English penny and a Half dollar.

Now remove the Half dollar from your hand and place it in your pocket.

When you open your hands, both coins are still there.

This time you remove the English penny, both coins are still in your hand. Finally, you remove the English penny and place it in your pocket this time. When you open your hands, both coins have VANISHED!

Precision crafted coins do the magic!

I am Roy Kueppers, a Magician and Master Machinist, and since 1992, I have combined my passion for magic with my skills as an artisan to design & manufacture precision magic props for Magicians around the world.

Along with my custom work, I now offer a select line of stock products, all of which I personally create.

Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good "second opinion" on my products.

This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world.

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