Chairs Production by Arsene Lupin (3 chairs)

Chairs Production by Arsene Lupin (3 chairs)

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Arsene Lupin Chairs production

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Few artists are in possession of these  illusion, because the production of requisits provides an extraordinary request to the material and the carpenters, and therefore only a few copys are made.

It may be said without exaggeration that it is this is a craft top-quality product, which is unique and will not meet again so soon. 

So if you are interested in this unusual effect you can perform under almost all conditions - yes, even surrounded - then you should not hesitate long. On stage is a chair (where you can also take place) and a cardboard tube.  

The cardboard tube is just so big that fits the chair. Once this has been shown empty (the tube is really empty and can even be folded flat), the chair is covered.

The next moment, the magician then pulls the chair out of the tube, but with the legs forward, the chair has turned into the tube!  

This effect is repeated several times, and always the chair is the other way around to the fore when he was placed in the tube. 

The chair will be set aside, and suddenly another chair in the tube has been released, and the games repeated.

The effect culminates in the wizard has suddenly concluded three chairs there.  An incredible production! The chairs are made of wood and craft top quality.  All props are easy to transport.

 All props weigh complete just 7 kg.  


Although the effect of the chairs is old, the version shown here (with three chairs) is an original invention of magician Arsene Lupin  who won a world prize FISM.

Only Arsene Lupin has the rights to manufacture this effect (3 chairs).

La Varita is one of the few magic shops in the world that has the distribution rights of this effect .

There are cheaper models on the market with less quality, both the chairs and the box used for the trick. The finish of the chairs is exceptional, its setting is perfect, you can sit on them, and although it is a stage effect, no matter if there are people behind the magician.  

If you want to make an effect that will blow them away at all, get a set before the stop manufacturing.

This effect consists of:

Set three original Arsene Lupin chairs with luxurious finish.

Foamboard cover decorated and made for perfect folding.

Case special padded chairs set

Special cover padded cover


We can supply wooden box for safe transportation.

Check price (economic). We also have book with deferred payment

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