Baraja del oeste

West Old Deck by Top Secret

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With this trick you get people to remember you for a long time.




Thinking About You
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The magician announces that got this deck an expert in antiquarian items American West..

It shows how aging is the deck, and says that was used by Maverick in one of their games.

The oddest thing about the deck is that apparently was marked in order to know the cards of other players.

The magician closes his eyes or cover them, then open the fan deck and shows the faces for the viewer with a finger touch any of them.

The magician takes the card (without looking) and puts facing the viewer, then the magician opens his eyes and looking back only reveals the chosen card.

This happens, because the deck is marked, announces the wizard, but for my taste the marks are too large. When the magician teaches the viewer back to check that maca indicating the value and suit of the card is exaggerated, because even a blind man would see.

The bombshell comes later when the magician announces that if someone caught him cowboy with those letters, just had to give a snap to teach all the backs of the cards in which not only no mark looks but have also changed color. As the only different color marked and freely chosen by the viewer.

Vintage Bicycle Made
Instructions in Spanish


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