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  • La Carta Distinta (Salón)
La Carta Distinta (Salón)

The Different Card (Parlour)


The Different Card

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Three jumbo cards with their white face are clearly shown, and another card that is different, the ace of clubs.

Clearly, and without letting go of the letters, a white one is left on the table and the white one is put the different one.

Mixing them a little, and despite doing it slowly and being able to follow the different card, when the viewer goes to bet on it will lose, as it will choose a carte blanche.

 Slowly the cards are shown again, and again they mix very slowly. When the spectator re-bets on the different card will be pleasantly surprised, since the three cards that the magician now holds between his fingers are white and the other is on the table, where he initially placed a white card.

 As a final cap, a white card is left on the table, and the ace, ie the other one, is placed between the other two white cards.

Again it mixes very quietly, and when the spectator bets on the different one will be mistaken for sure, since now the different one is in the table, since the one that is on the table is the unique white because the other three letters have been transformed into three aces.

A devastating effect, very simple to perform, with hardly any technique, where you end up completely clean and all the cards are examinable.

If you like magic that works you need "The different Card"

"A trick that you will realize find where you are because its simplicity and degree of impact multiply when you deliver all the cards"

Dario Hueta


The Different Card

Specific References

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