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Toon Balloon

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley.

Bring a balloon to life.

It can interact with you and then be given away.

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Discover the new and innovative magical effect by Gustavo Raley: Toon Balloon.

To bring 2023 to a spectacular close, we present to you a one-of-a-kind magical experience.

Visualize the scene: you inflate a balloon, draw a smiling face on it, and suddenly, it starts to talk!

This amazing trick allows you to personalize your performance, adapting it to any script and making each show a unique experience.

But, what makes Toon Balloon so special?

At the end of your performance, you have the opportunity to gift this talking balloon, autographed as an unforgettable souvenir for your audience.

The flexibility of this effect even allows you to choose a balloon on the spot, enhancing the surprise and interaction with your audience.

Included in the Toon Balloon set, you will find all the necessary elements to perform this illusion, along with a detailed video tutorial that outlines all the techniques and various routines to enrich your presentations.

And there's more:

With Toon Balloon, the balloons can sing, even perform "Happy Birthday" to celebrate someone special.

If you practice ventriloquism, this effect becomes a perfect complement, offering new possibilities for your routines.

Additionally, you will love knowing that the balloons and their supports are completely standard, available in any party supply store.

Don't miss the opportunity to add Toon Balloon to your magical repertoire and explore a world of creative possibilities that will captivate your audience.

Make each performance a magical and unforgettable moment with Toon Balloon!

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