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Appearing Glass (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)
  • Appearing Glass (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)
  • Appearing Glass (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Appearing Glass (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Appearing Glass by Steve Thompson

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An innovative way to instantly create a glass filled with liquid has arrived.

Steve Thompson is a name associated with some of the best-selling effects in recent years.

However, he has achieved something closer to "real magic" than we've seen before.

You might be thinking that with a name like "Appearing Full Glass from Empty Bag," you've seen this idea before.

You probably have, but it has never been as flawless as this.

A revolutionary new method solves the main problem affecting this type of effect, allowing you to create a truly inexplicable moment.

You start by taking a folded bag from your pocket and unfolding it in front of the audience.

You clearly show them that it's empty and even allow them to put their hands inside.

Undoubtedly, it's an empty bag. Up to this point, it's similar to most effects on the market.

But here is where the change happens...

Normally, at this point, you would need to secretly load the glass filled with liquid into the bag before making it "appear."

This often involves some suspicious movement and/or disrupts the rhythm of the routine, creating an unusual moment at the most critical point.

With "Appearing Full Glass from Empty Bag," these problems disappear.

Immediately after confirming that the bag is empty, you make the glass appear.

They can see and hear it as it falls with a thud to the bottom of the bag.

Your hand never returns to the bag after they see it empty. The appearance is instant, and they can even reach in and grab the glass themselves immediately after it appears.

And you're not limited to producing just a glass.

The custom gimmick of the "Appearing Bag" can be used to produce decks of cards, cubes, phones, or other similar objects.

Custom-Made Gimmick

The core concept behind "Appearing Full Glass from Empty Bag" revolves around the ingenious gimmick built directly into the ordinary-looking bag.

The audience can look and feel inside.

There's nothing they can find. Then, immediately after they're done, an object appears impossibly inside the bag.

This super-intelligent gimmick can be operated with one hand. The handling is simple, fair, and quite easy.

You won't have to worry about the bag breaking or getting damaged thanks to its durable, water-resistant Tyvek™ construction. It will last you countless performances.

Unbreakable Glass with Easy-Off Lid

At first glance, you probably wouldn't guess how much thought went into creating this custom-made, high-gloss glass. And that's precisely the point!

It looks identical to a real glass. However, its durable acrylic construction allows you to perform with confidence without worrying about it breaking if dropped.

The custom-designed lid also prevents liquids from spilling until it's time for the production. Once you're ready, the lid can be quickly and silently removed with one hand.

No Suspicious Moves

This lightweight and easy-to-handle glass can also be easily stolen at the right moment.

It pairs perfectly with Steve's slight modification of a classic technique to create an invisible moment that is completely covered by discreet and justified actions.

You'll be amazed at how covert and easy this steal is. Just put on a belt and some kind of coat, hoodie, cardigan, or similar, and you're good to go.

After making the steal, you can instantly produce the glass at any time without any suspicious moves. The best part is that you don't have to rush this moment.

In the loaded position, you have phenomenal 220-degree angles, which means you can show that the bag is empty right up to the moment you produce the glass.

Stage, Parlor, and Close-Up

This is an unmatched stage and parlor opener.

But close-up magicians will also be thrilled to know that it's excellent for walkaround conditions or street magic.

You have very generous angles, and it resets quickly. It's not limited to just being an opener because the custom-made props allow you to safely perform it at any point in your act.

"Appearing Full Glass from Empty Bag" by Steve Thompson is a truly astonishing experience for any audience.

Once you add it to your repertoire, you won't want to stop performing it, and the high-quality, durable props will always be ready.


Appearing Glass by Steve Thompson

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