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  • Aparición de Pez (Grande) by Aprendemagia

Lost Fish ( Big)

Lost Fish Big

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Lost Fish is an incredible magic trick that provides your audience with a truly unforgettable moment.

The magician shows a book with some pictures from the famous movie, Finding Nemo.

The book is comprised of various characters from the film, along with their names.

The spectator chooses one of the characters from the book.

The magician removes that page from the book and folds it into a tube.

After the magician says some magic words, a fish appears inside the tube, which the magician then dumps into a glass fishbowl - the spectator sees the fish swim in the bowl!

As a finale, you show the page you ripped off earlier, and to the amazement of your audience, the picture of the fish is no longer there!

The fish you will get is completely electronic and it works with batteries.

The fish is activated when it touches the water.

You will also get the batteries to make it work, as well as a screwdriver and a plastic base.

The book is of high quality printing and it comes specially prepared, so you can use it whenever you want.

Actually, you can use it forever because it comes with safety plastic to protect the book when the pages are ripped off.

Two different sizes are available -- 22x27cm and 14x21.5 cm

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