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A Grave Mistake

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Is your show a little crazy? Are you good at telling stories?

This funny and entertaining act is just for you!

The routine is basically an origami trick that becomes more fun with each fold of the paper.

You can tell a story about planning your own funeral (which is already funny!):

"Last week I saw a website advertising the benefits of planning my funeral well in advance.

Well, I made a mistake and scheduled an appointment.

The salesman said, "You can have this beautiful coffin for only 20,000 euros."

As you speak, you show a large piece of paper with a drawing of a coffin embossed with an Austrian canopy and French velvet curtains.

"Look, I don't want to spend that much," I said.

He replied, "No problem, we can remove the Austrian canopy, but still use these beautiful French velvet curtains. That coffin costs only 15,000 euros."

As you fold down the top section of the paper, the illustration changes, making the coffin smaller and less ornate.

"Still, that's really more than I want to spend," I said.

He was persistent and said, "Look, I can remove the French velvet curtains and give you this beautiful German coffin embossed for only 9,000 euros."

Smaller and less elegant.

I told him that was still more than I wanted to spend.

That's when the salesman told me he had the perfect coffin for me.

You make one last fold of the paper and the resulting image is a large garbage can!

This super easy effect is very visual and good for groups of any size.

"It looks big and takes up little space"!

Best of all, it's PRE-FOLDED and ready to go!

Perfect if you're presenting at a gala!

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