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  • The mansion of my Dreams
The mansion of my Dreams

The mansion of my Dreams

Gag with a telling story

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Is your show fun? Do you tell good stories?

This comedic routine is current and perfect for you!

The routine involves folding a paper in increasingly amusing ways.

You can tell a story about the mansion you want to build:

"I've always wanted a nice house, and now that I've got some money, I'm going to build myself 'The Mansion of My Dreams.'

The architect showed me his designs and said it would cost me a million euros.

I told him that was too much for me, so he started taking things out of the design and said it would only cost me 750,000 euros.

Every time he showed me a smaller design, he took many things out of the house, but the price didn't go down.

I thought I'd spend a little less, so take out some more.

Then he showed me a slightly more basic design and told me I could have it for half a million euros.

In the end, he asked me how much I wanted to spend, and I told him no more than 15,000 euros.

At that moment, he showed me a picture of what I could buy with that money.

And with the final fold of the paper, it reveals a deserted rock, getting everyone laughing."

This super easy effect is very visual and great for groups of any size.

"It looks big and takes up little space!"

Best of all, it's PRE-FOLDED and ready to go!

Perfect for presenting at any gala!

Gag with a telling story

Specific References