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  • Cartomagia Automatica Vol. 2
  • Cartomagia Automatica Vol. 2
  • Cartomagia Automatica Vol. 2
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Cartomagia Automatica Vol. 2

Cartomagia Automatica Vol. 2  (Spanish)

Videos online, Bicycle deck and special card.

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Warning: Online videos in Spanish-language 

"If you were amazed by Cartomagia Automática Vol. 1, this one will leave you breathless.

We present to you card magic effects that seem like genuine miracles but are easy to execute, with the focus solely on presentation.

We have carefully selected games designed to ensure your success in your initial steps into the world of card magic.

Guided by Mago Martin, Dario Hueta, and Magic Isi, you will learn to perform spectacular effects, including:

Bueno o Falso: An effect performed by the spectator with a surprising outcome.

Deletreo Mágico: A trick that involves multiple spectators.

Carta al Número: The spectator locates their card without the magician's assistance.

Fuera de este mundo: A very special color separation.

Trilero Mental: No one will believe you can guess the card that way.

Rectas y Curvas: Two chosen cards meet in the most impossible way.

Por Fin: A game to be performed with several spectators, where after several attempts, 'finally' they all succeed!

Voltea y Corta: Multiple predictions in one effect.

Fuera de este Barrio: An almost impromptu color separation.

Gran Hermano: Between the spectator and the magician, several cards are 'nominated' as if they were contestants in a famous TV show; the winner turns out to be the same card predicted by the magician.

Our Spanish-language videos include a professional Bicycle deck and special materials.

Get ready to take your magic to the next level with these amazing and unique effects."

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