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Noc Pro Deck

"NOC Pro - The PERFECT deck of cards!

FULLY marked. Premium embossed case."

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For nearly 10 years, the NOC brand has been the top choice for custom decks among magicians, cardists, and card collectors worldwide.

Millions of decks have been sold in over 100 unique variations.

Now, we are proud to introduce our highest achievement in professional decks for performers: the NOC Pro!

We've enhanced every aspect of the NOC decks to create what we believe is the perfect deck of cards.

The NOC Pro will come in Jet Black.

These colors convey a professional and elegant vibe, perfect for magical performances and magicians of all kinds.

Our famous minimalist back design has been improved with an additional inner border that adds elegance to an already simplistic deck.

Our case has been COMPLETELY REDESIGNED and printed on linen and parchment papers infused with color and a matte finish.

Each NOC Pro deck includes a DUPLICATE Queen of Hearts.


Since 2012, our original NOC back design has been secretly marked for suit.

Today, we are excited to introduce a FULLY MARKED system (both for suit and value) in our minimalist back design.

This deck was printed in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company using premium Bee paper and THIN CRUSHED™ to perfection.

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