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Fades Playing Cards

Fades Playing Cards

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We are proud to present the first deck designed by the FADES group, 4 young and brilliant italian cardists.

The back design shows the two "F" that represent the F/DeS logo on a geometric base consisting of a series of triangles that make the design appealing and definitely very visual for the art of cardistry.

Even the faces have been customized, for example the court cards take up the geometric shape of the back, while the four designers of the deck are portrayed on the faces of the four kings kings. Despite the editing of the faces, they are still easily recognizable for use in card routines.

A double back card and one with a white face have also been included for use in your favorite card routines.

The very classic tuck case comes with the design of the back, while on the other side the logo dominates. On top, the same name as the F/DeS deck.

• Thin edges.

• The cards are poker size.

• Designed by Lisa Zaggia, Patrik Vecchiato and Rachele Biscaro.

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