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Houdini´s Coin

Houdini's Escape Coin by Jarri Marquerie.

A large coin passes through a much smaller hole.

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Get ready to experience an astonishing effect that would leave even the legendary Houdini perplexed!

Picture a skillful magician showing you a card with a mysterious hole in the center.

But the real surprise begins when he demonstrates that a mere 2 cent coin passes through that hole in an incredibly snug fit!

That's not all, the magician presents an even greater challenge to you.

Can you believe that a considerably larger coin can pass through that small hole?

And the most astonishing part is that this coin features the face of the magician and escape artist Houdini imprinted on it!

Incredibly, the spectator tries to stretch the coin to make it fit, but it seems impossible because it's evident that it doesn't fit through the hole.

However, the magician insists that you trust him, and what happens next is pure magic!

The coin magically and cleanly passes through the hole, leaving everyone in awe.

This incredible magic trick includes a special card, the 2-cent coin, and the Houdini coin.

Additionally, you'll have access to video instructions in Spanish, meaning you can carry this mind-bending magic trick with you and perform it whenever you wish.

Prepare to amaze your friends and family with this magical effect that challenges logic and reality!

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