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Dice Bomb - Plus


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Show your audience a white die inside a transparent container. Shake the container and instantly, without any cover or suspicious move, the die “explodes” changing into 8 tiny white dice!

The die can also change into a ball, a sugar cube, etc.
With this set another routine, which raises the level of magic and mystery in the effect, is also possible. Here it follows: show the die inside the transparent case. Ask a spectator choose one of three differently colored dice. Now shake the case and, instantly, the white die changes to the color of the selected die!
• Easy and powerful.
Di Fatta Magic is very proud to have produced this new model of dice bomb. The features that make it unique are the following:
-          The item is completely examinable at the end of the effect.
-          The transparent plastic of the container is now crystal clear.
-          The larger die is made from plastic, as any normal dice would be, and this makes the trick even more indecipherable.
-          The lid is entirely made of plastic and can be handed out for examination.
-          You will soon see, after getting this item, that these ingenious fine points make our version of this trick the best on the market.
-          We have managed to keep the price of this item really low despite the great quality.

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