• Geometric rope by Arsene Lupin
Geometric rope by Arsene Lupin

Geometric rope by Arsene Lupin

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This is the brainchild of Arsene Lupin. A different way of doing magic with ropes.

Hold your hands a rope of about 55 cm, and try to tie a knot with her, but something strange happens because instead of the normal knot what comes out is a square knot. Swipe this knot, rope and a square will be completely loose from the rope.
Again he tries to make another knot, but this time what comes out is a triangle, and just as before, the slide will stay with a triangle loose rope between your hands.
As it appeared that this rope is not very common, put it up to your waist in the back, and amazingly you can go through the body with it.
Incredible but true.
Ends the routine again trying to tie a knot, and now I get it, but obviously could not be a normal knot, as you glide down the rope and bring forth her in a magical way.
A complete, simple, professional and routine different from anything seen so far.


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