• La cuerda de cuatro puntas by Arsene Lupin
  • La cuerda de cuatro puntas by Arsene Lupin
La cuerda de cuatro puntas by Arsene Lupin

Four ending rope + DVD by Arsene Lupin

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This classic effect was popularized by Salvano, making it a wonderful and very magical routine.


The magician teaches a rope, and simply with a magic pass, it has three ends.

Simply with another small pass, the rope shows another point, now having a rope with four ends.

The magician pulls slightly on the string, and it is now transformed into two individual strings.

 After showing the two strings, the magician causes that in each of the strings a knot of the air appears.  

To complete the task, the magician repeats the same thing as before and now on the rope two more knots appear, leaving two strings with four knots.  

But the most incredible is yet to come, as the magician performs his magic pass and the rope is transformed into a normal and ordinary string like the one showed at the beginning of the effect.  

An almost automatic routine that will fascinate your audience. Made with quality, it will last you many years.

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