• TV Card Frame by Arsene Lupin
  • TV Card Frame by Arsene Lupin
TV Card Frame by Arsene Lupin

TV Card Frame by Arsene Lupin

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The renovated and high quality design of this effect makes this accessory a work of art.  

The effect is so simple to make but so shocking, that surely you want to have one.

To achieve the effect, you will only have to choose a card from a completely normal deck, and once you have seen it, the spectator returns it to the deck and mixes conscientiously.

Now, you show two glass plates, which join together with elastic bands, and deposit it on a modern and stylized black support.

Simply by throwing yourself, or your spectator, the cards against the glass plates, a letter will remain attached to them.

But the incredible thing is that the letter is not stuck on the outside, but has crossed the glass plates and has been introduced between them despite being put the rubber.

The same viewer can be the one who picks up the crystals, removes the rubbers and checks that the letter is inside and is exactly the same as the one he chose previously.  

A professional magic effect, which works, with the manufacturing guarantee of Arsene Lupine. With a little practice you can even make the effect with a signed letter, since its manufacturing makes it possible to make the effect very simple.

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