• Carta Re-Velada + DVD
    • Carta Re-Velada + DVD
    Carta Re-Velada + DVD

    Carta Re-Velada + DVD


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    Here we present one of the effects that will differentiate you from the rest of the magicians.


    Imagine showing a deck by its backs and faces, and asking a spectator to play one.

    The chosen card is lost in the deck, and magically the rest of the cards remain completely blank. A first crushing effect!


    The drawings of all the letters have disappeared !!!!!


    As a final climax, the card chosen by the viewer freely, also remains completely blank creating an incredible magic sensation.


    Do your thing before they run out, you will not regret !!!!!


    A DVD is provided in Spanish, and a special Bicycle deck for the effect.


    NOTE: No wax or anti-slip is used.



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