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  • Cartera Shogun - Himber piel
Cartera Shogun - Himber piel

Shogun-Himber Wallet Leather


Shogun-Himber Wallet Leather

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THE SHOGUN WALLET One of the most devious, yet innocent change wallets ever devised.

The ShoGun wallet is now made to high standards of craftsmanship.

Here are some uses for the wallet:

1. The wallet is shown empty and a chosen card ends up inside.

2. A large bill is placed in the wallet. Shake the wallet and the bill has a lower value.

3. There is a blank sheet of paper in the portfolio, which is later opened and reveals a prediction.

4. A blank sheet of paper becomes a bill.

5. A coin becomes a real bill.

6. It can be used to change one card for another.

When this type of wallet was released, the Shogun wallet was an immediate success.

"The possibilities with this fine accessory are endless.

Put a couple of business cards or credit cards in your wallet pocket for a more authentic look.


Shogun-Himber Wallet Leather

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