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Quick Sum Abacus

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A magic trick that will impress everyone and that you can carry in your pocket

Put a piece of paper and something to write on the table.

Take the black bag from your pocket and open it.

Then from inside you get four small blocks with columns of numbers printed on each side

The spectator can see all the blocks, choose one of them and place it in front of him with either side up.

You write a two-digit number on a sheet of paper and ask the viewer to quickly add the numbers at the top of the block.

The spectator's score matches your writing.

It's nothing to write home about, but repeat it with another block.

This is a typical introduction to the actual effect. From now on, the experiment will be much more intriguing.

Ask the spectator to choose two blocks and place them in front of him in any combination.

A column of four two-digit random numbers has now been created.

The spectator's task is to add them up quickly. To make things easier for him, give him a calculator.

When the spectator begins to add on the calculator, he writes a three-digit number on the paper. It goes without saying that when the viewer has finished, their numbers will match the number you wrote down.

The experiment continues.

The spectator now selects three blocks and places them next to each other.

Warns you that turning each of the blocks sideways or changing their order creates a different three-digit number each time.

As soon as the spectator chooses the blocks, write the four-digit number on the piece of paper. It takes much longer to add the data to the calculator. When you compare the two results, you find that they are identical.

There is no doubt that all of this surprises your spectator, and you have one more block up your sleeve that will magnify this surprise.

Four blocks placed side by side, of course in any combination invented by the spectator, give a column of four four-digit numbers.

Once again, you have the result of the sum much earlier than the spectator can do on the calculator.

"I never leave home without this" - Dario Hueta

10 Items

Specific References

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