• Neverending Box by Arsene Lupin
  • Neverending Box by Arsene Lupin
Neverending Box by Arsene Lupin

Neverending Box + Extra Load by Arsene Lupin

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The magician shows a box of small dimensions which is completely empty.

To teach it, disassemble the front and back walls, and show its interior.

Now, the magician puts the walls in place, and begins to make scarves appear inside.

Next, take out four cans of soda from inside the box.

Again, the magician removes the walls from the box and shows it completely empty, replaces the walls in its place, and returns to make a production of handkerchiefs, and another four cans of soda.

For the last time, the magician dismantles the box, returns to show it empty, and proceeds again to the appearance of handkerchiefs and other four cans of soda.

Manufactured in high quality.

Handkerchiefs not included.

It includes the box with two removable walls, and 12 cans of soda to make the effect, as well as an explanatory DVD (in English).

Note: The box shown in the video is supplied with 12 of the cans that appear. A second "load" is also supplied with six more cans to do exactly as in the video.

Handkerchiefs are not supplied

Video App:https://youtu.be/hDUYUclxaQI


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