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  • Cajas nido Profesionales (Nest of Boxes) 7 Cajas
  • Nest of Boxes Pro 7 boxes by Arsene Lupin
Nest of Boxes Pro 7 boxes by Arsene Lupin

Nest of Boxes Pro 7 boxes by Arsene Lupin


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The classic effect, now made with quality, all examinable, and without  assistant

The Magician asks for a borrowed ring.

After giving it in a handkerchief to a spectator to be held, the owner of the ring is given a beautiful wooden box to guard.

In scene one sees a spectator holding a handkerchief with a ring and a spectator holding a beautiful box.

The music sounds and the magician stretches the handkerchief showing that the ring has disappeared.

The magician says that the precious objects always end up returning with their owners so he asks the viewer to open the box.

The surprise is that when you open the box, another is inside, and when asked to open it, another box appears.

The spectator will find her ring IN THE SEVENTH BOX.

Important points:

Any small object such as a ring, coin, or similar can be used

The disappearance is done by your favorite method and is not provided any way but we can provide you with ideas or some accessory to make this possible

The spectator opens all the boxes one by one without the magician touch anything EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE

The boxes are made of varnished wood with an exceptional quality finish

You can play the game without the need for an assistant

 Include it in your repertoire and it will give you many satisfactions besides increasing your reputation as a good magician

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